Controversial​ BiH Ambassador to Canada stated there was no longer a Consensus on the Existence of the OHR

Marko Milisav, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Ambassador to Canada, said that he told the country’s officials that there was no consensus in BiH regarding the further existence of the Office of the High Representative (OHR).

“This is not just my opinion, but the real facts and individuals and organizations that in the past were used to BiH’s foreign policy being created only in the interest of one people clearly do not like these facts, ” Milisav told.

His acts caused a reaction by the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada Canadian (IGC), which informed members of the BiH Presidency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about alleged “anti-Bosnian and anti-constitutional actions by Ambassador Milisav”, demanding that they initiate disciplinary proceedings against him.

“I really do not see anything disputable in the statements and positions I conveyed to the Canadian side at the mentioned meeting and I fully stand behind those words. It was said at the meeting that there is no consensus in BiH on the need for the OHR’s continued existence, and that is an indisputable fact because it is indisputable that there is no agreement on this issue. The second statement was that the prevailing position of the political representatives of the two constituent peoples is that it is time for the OHR to close, and for BiH, with its two entities and three constituent peoples, to take responsibility for own future and development, ” Milisav emphasized.

The Ambassador considers it paradoxical that his views promote and support the independence, self-government, and sovereignty of BiH, as well as its European path.

“This is not the first time that I have been the target of criticism and even threats and insults from extremist organizations and individuals, but I find it as part of the job and responsibility of the position I was entrusted to perform. Such behavior of this and similar organizations creates a bad image of BiH in Canada and the whole world. It leads to developing mistrust and deconstruction of BiH. The sooner everyone understands that the views and interests of one people cannot be imposed on others and presented as the views of the whole of BiH, the sooner we will reach an agreement and consensus, and turn to the most important economic issues and economic diplomacy which is at best of interest for all citizens, both in Republika Srpska (RS) and Federation of BiH (FBiH) “, Milisav concluded.

BiH ambassador to Canada has been known for a long time because he refused to lower the flag to half-mast on July 11th, even though the instruction of the BiH Minister of Foreign Affairs arrived.

“I was appointed at the suggestion of the Serbian member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, and only he can call me to account,” Milisav said at the time, Klix.ba writes.

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