Could Twelve Babies in Banja Luka have been saved in June 1992?

Dragan Bursac, a columnist and political analyst, published a statement from Banja Luka Bishop Franjo Komarica about a well-known event in June 1992, a lack of oxygen for babies.

Statement by the Bishop of Banja Luka Franjo Komarica confirmed that oxygen for babies in incubators was delivered to Banja Luka in June 1992. It remains unclear why the then Serbian authorities did not use it and why the children were sacrificed, ” Bursac wrote.

Komarica’s statement, published by Bursac, states the following:

On Friday, June 19th, 1992, after extremely dramatic days for the Catholic community and me personally (kidnapping and killing the pastor Ratko Grgic and terrible harassment of nuns in Nova Topola), I accidentally found out in the late evening hours – after 11 p.m. that hospitals do not have enough oxygen for incubators where a certain number of newborns were located.

No one contacted me on that issue, neither from the hospital nor from the city authorities or the then Crisis Staff. The thought occurred to me to try to do something on my own to get oxygen and deliver it to the hospital.

My associate, director of Caritas, dr. Miljenko Anicic succeeded, and – as he told me – with little difficulty he procured oxygen bottles and delivered them with the rest of the goods to the Episcopal Ordinariate.

But he was negatively surprised and disappointed when he found out what had happened.

I heard from the nun that there were some uniformed people, looking for oxygen bottles and when she showed them to them explaining that upon their return from the parish, the bishop will contact the hospital and hand them the bottles, they took the bottles without any explanation, put them in their vehicles and drove them away without any confirmation of taking the bottles.

I confirm that the director of Caritas brought oxygen bottles to Banja Luka for endangered newborns in the Banja Luka hospital. We deeply regret that we failed to save innocent lives, 12 Banja Luka babies and help the parents of newborns, ” it was mentioned in the statement of Bishop Franjo Komarica.


Source: Avaz

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