Council of Europe Establishes Conclusions on Situation in BiH

The Council of Ministers of the Council of Europe will soon establish the draft conclusions regarding the situation in BiH, and which include the relationship towards the “Sejdić- Finci” ruling and other post-accession commitments of BiH that are still ongoing after admission in this European institution.

This was said during the meeting that the President of the RS National Assembly Igor Radojičić had in the Mission of the Council of Europe in Brussels. They spoke primarily about the elements of the report that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe will soon consider, and which includes the previous two and a half year period.

The RS Parliament has sent a number of comments on the prepared report, announced from the cabinet of the President of the entity parliament.

In the Directorate for Enlargement Radojičić spoke with the former and new Acting Director for the Western Balkans, Pierre Mirel and Paola Pampaloni on all the issues that are currently operating in the area of EU integration.

In the first half of April a structural dialogue in the judiciary will continue.

Radojičić and Mirel, who are chairing the structural dialogue, spoke of the following responsibilities and tasks and views of both parties for the need to reform the legal system that concerns the jurisdiction of the court, problems in the functioning of the BiH Constitutional Court, organization of courts in BiH, questions of appellate jurisdiction, financing of courts and trials for war crimes in BiH.

Also, they spoke of the preparations for the population census in October and that the relationship between the three statistical agencies in BiH there are plenty of open technical issues that should be solved on time so that the census could start on time.

The European Union is prepared to financially support the carrying out of the census with specific expert proposals, such as the requirement to establish a list of upcoming, complete and precise financial plan on the basis of which the European Union could subsidize part of the costs.

In talks with the European Parliament with delegates Maria Eleni Kopa and Christian Vigenjin, emphasis was put on the adoption of a resolution in BiH that is planned for mid-April in the European Parliament.

Radojičić put forward views concerning resolving the “Sejdić – Finci” ruling, the necessity of holding a census, problems in the BiH judiciary and problems in the electoral process that have particularly escalated during the 2012 local elections.

Maria Eleni Kopa, who is the rapporteur for enlargement in the parliamentary faction of the people, and Christian Vigenjin, who is in the party of European Socialists in charge of enlargement, expressed their interest in the views of the RS and hope that the resolution of the European Parliament would be an objective and precise view of the different events in BiH.

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