Counting Votes from Srebrenica and Collegium on Elections in Stolac today

electionsIn the Center for counting votes today at 3 pm will be counted votes from five polling stations in Srebrenica.

Moreover, the control counting should be carried out from several polling stations in Sarajevo municipality of Centar, Banja Luka and Pelagicevo.

“Regardless of the conclusion about Srebrenica, the votes from other ten places should be counted as well. The results from these places and plus the votes sent by mail, mobile teams, in the absence and the unconfirmed one will the CEC BiH to make a decision on determining results of local elections in BiH, without the Municipality of Stolac,” said the President of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of BiH, Ahmet Santic.

Based on the decision on determining the result, a political party, the Municipal Election Commission, or group of 50 voters at certain polling station may request recount of votes.

After resolving complaints, Santic expects the final revelation and confirmation of the election results by the 2nd of November.

Asked when the CEC will make a decision regarding the elections in the municipality of Stolac, he stated that they will discuss the issue at the session of the Collegium of the CEC.

“I think that there are all conditions, and we will see what are the modalities for a decision on repeating elections in Stolac and canceling the elections. There is no doubt, we waited for the complete documentation from Stolac, which we should receive on Monday,” said Santic.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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