Court in Srebrenica ruled in Favor of Hatidža Mehmedović

12483742_1107596995957922_1472004318_nThe Court in Srebrenica yesterday released Hatidža Mehmedović, president of the Association Mothers of Srebrenica, of all charges after it was found that she did not violate the Law on Public Gatherings of the Republika Srpska.

Charges were pressed against Hatidža Mehmedović in January, claiming that she violated the Law on Public Gatherings of the RS because she participated in the gathering of families of the victims, who held demonstrations on the streets of Srebrenica against the unconstitutional marking of the Day of RS.

“It is sad that this case even made it to the court. Fortunately, everything ended in my favor, but I must highlight that a big mistake was made here. We in Srebrenica do not have problems with ordinary population at all, but with the politics that led to all the trouble,” Mehmedović said.

Mehmedović added that the very act of pressing the charges is a belittling the victims, but that the Court’s decision has encouraged her. Furthermore, she believes that people will look more into the future.

“The only thing I am guilty for is the fight for justice, and that is what I will keep doing. If pointing to injustice is a sin, I am willing to be a sinner until the end of my life,” Mehmedović concluded.

(Source: klix.ba)

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