Income Decrease of the Kreka Mine, plan to put Workers on hold

Groups of miners and other employees of the open-pit mines of Dubrave and Sikulje showed workers’ disobedience because a certain number of them should be sent on so-called hold due to the decrease of the income of the Kreka Brown Coal Mine (in Bosnian: RMU)

As confirmed to journalists by the Trade Union of RMU Kreka, the management of the mine had the plan to send a certain number of miners on hold on April 1st, for one month, due to a decrease in income and production.

“The director of the mine and I went to the assembly and it was stressed that this decision has no basis in law, nor does it have the union’s support. At our request, it was asked that it be withdrawn, which was done, and people went to work,” said Zuhdija Tokic, President of the Trade Union RMU Kreka.

In RMU Kreka, which is located in the concern of Elektroprivreda of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), the systematization of jobs is currently being done, and the Trade Union states that politics is also involved in all of this.

“This problem has been solved for now, but it is not even close to a long-term solution. These days the situation in the mine is complicated due to the systematization of jobs which predicts that a certain number of workers will not be able to fit into the existing systematization. Concerned people are trying to find a way in which they can be taken care of, ” added Tokic.

The miners are especially hurt by the fact that all of this is happening during the coronavirus pandemic, in which they showed their readiness to work, risking their health, but also the health of their families.

“We have a large number of civil officers and incumbents in our country, and no one is thinking about reducing salaries and labor, but in the end, only miners represent a problem. A country which considers us as a problem is poor,” Tokic emphasized.

The miners note that they are ready for restructuring, but in a socially acceptable way in which all workers’ rights will be respected.

Kreka mines currently employ approximately 2.100 workers, and close to 300 of them are at risk from job systematization. Lists of those who were planned to be on hold were supposed to be submitted on Monday, Klix.ba writes.


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