Public Health Institute of FBiH reveals Reason why they did not sign Procurement of Vaccines

The Public Health Institute of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) announced yesterday that they have not yet received completed documentation of the two wholesalers and therefore, the director Davor Pehar, as the president of the ad hoc body, has not yet signed the document for the procurement of vaccines.

“On March 8th, 2021, FBiH Government established an ad hoc group that conducted interviews with wholesalers who expressed interest and readiness to procure a vaccine against COVID-19. Information on the results of the conducted interviews was submitted by the ad hoc group to the Government of the FBiH, which selected the wholesalers MGM Farm d.o.o Kakanj and Krajinagroup as suppliers at the session held on Thursday, March 11th, 2021, and instructed the Public Health Institute of the FBiH to sign contracts with them, ” it was stated in the announcement of the Federal Institute.

They further emphasize that on Friday, March 12th, the Public Health Institute of the FBiH received a letter of intent signed by the Prime Minister of the FBiH, Fadil Novalic, and it was immediately forwarded to the wholesalers which were selected by FBiH Government

“On the same day, the Government of the FBiH gave a deadline to the Public Health Institute of the FBiH to sign contracts with chosen wholesalers by tomorrow (Monday, March 15th, 2021) by 10:00 am. The deadline for mentioned wholesalers to submit the necessary documentation to the Public Health Institute of the FBiH was March 13th, 2021 until 11:00 (Saturday), ” as was announced.

Finally, they pointed out that until today they have not received the necessary documentation from the wholesaler MGM Farm d.o.o Kakanj, nor the complete documentation from the wholesaler Krajinagroup, which is why the conditions for signing a contract with the Public Health Institute of the FBiH have yet not been met.

On Friday, at a special, telephone session, FBiH Government passed a Decision on the redistribution of funds of 12 million BAM from the budget position of the Federal Ministry of Health to the Institute of Public Health of FBiH.

With this decision, the Government of the FBiH approved the redistribution of 12 million BAM provided for the purchase of coronavirus vaccines, Klix.ba writes.


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