Humanitarian Appeal: Single Mother from Visoko decided to sell a Kidney to help her Son

A single mother Edina from Visoko, who is currently living in Sarajevo, is fighting to save her son Afan for a long period of time, and now they urgently need our help.

Five-year-old Afan was born in the 28th week, and he had a fourth-grade brain bleeding due to premature birth, which caused a severe stroke. Doctors diagnosed hydrocephalus, microcephaly, respiratory syndrome, epilepsy, and cerebral paralysis.

He had surgery of his head and legs in Turkey. He had his first epileptic attack when he left the hospital. Since then, he has five to ten attacks every day.

Five-year-old Afan cannot walk or talk, and single mother Edina feeds him with a syringe (Afan is using Karbapin nutri-drink).

The boy needs a medical spa therapy, a speech therapist, a psychologist, a defectologist, and a physician. Moreover, Afan needs food as well.

Afan’s mother decided to sell her kidney in order to help her son.

“I really had great help from my family and friends, but this is going on for five years now. People cannot help you all the time. I have decided to sell my kidney to save my son. I can live with one kidney, but Afan cannot live in bed his whole life. I do not want that,” said Edina.

Let’s be humane and help this single mother in providing a treatment to her son.

You can make your donations on the following accounts:


Selimovic Irfan

Adress: Gornji Velesici 259, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH

IBAN: BA391542139995581368

Bank: Intesa SanPaolo bank

Adress of the bank: Obala Kulina bana 9A, 71000 Sarajevo


(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)




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