Crnadak in a Working Visit to the Republic of Poland

12825113_1738292793074064_886808468_nMinister of Foreign Affairs of BiH Igor Crnadak yesterday in Warsaw, on the first day of a two-day working visit to the Republic of Poland, met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Polad Witold Waszczykowski.

Ministers Crnadak and Waszczykowski welcomed the very good political relations and bilateral cooperation between BiH and Poland, the two countries with no opened issues, and expressed hope that the minister’s visit will be the beginning of a new, more dynamic phase of relations between these two countries. At the same time, they expressed the need for visits at the highest level.

Minister Crnadak introduced Waszczykowski with the foreign policy priorities of BiH and expressed gratitude for the continued support that the Republic of Poland gives bilaterally, but also as a member of the Visegrad Group (V4) to BiH on its path towards the EU. He emphasized that BiH is making great efforts regarding the continuation of the reform process, and asked for support of the Republic of Poland for further progress of our country, and after submitting request for membership in the EU.

Crnadak requested for BiH to get faster acceptance of the application, in order to start with the work on the questionnaire of the European Commission as soon as possible and further mobilize political forces and institutions in BiH on its European path.

They also discussed the continuation of parliamentary cooperation between BiH and Poland, bilateral consultations between the two ministries of foreign affairs, the exchange of support for the positions in international organizations and bodies, the migrant crisis, the fight against terrorism and other issues.

Minister Crnadak will give a lecture at the Polish Institute of Foreign Affairs on the topic of foreign policy priorities and activities of BiH with the focus on European integrations.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)



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