Croatia is not giving up on its Intention to Dispose Radioactive Waste near BiH Border

Croatia is not giving up on its intention to dispose of radioactive waste at the Cerkezovac site, on Trgovska Gora, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This is stated for BHRT after two days of negotiations between the expert teams of BiH and Croatia conducted in Zagreb, a member of BH team, Deputy Director of the Regulatory Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety, Emir Dizdarevic.

Dizdarevic says that Croatia has already announced public tenders for the construction of landfills, and that it has agreed to BH experts participate and oversee all phases of construction. He reiterated that BiH is against the construction of a landfill at this location.

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Stasa Kosarac, will send a request to the Subcommittee for Transport, Energy, Environment and Regional Development between the European Union and BiH to consider the construction of a radioactive waste and spent nuclear landfill on Trgovska Gora. 

Minister Kosarac pointed out that this step is one in a series of activities undertaken by the BiH Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, in coordination with the relevant entity ministries, in order to inform the competent institutions in Brussels and joint EU and BiH bodies within the Stabilization and Association Agreement.

”Our obligation and responsibility is to protect the health of citizens from the municipalities in the Una Valley, as well as the natural environment. It is a zero priority that we will not give up. That is why we want to actively involve official Brussels and ask for the necessary help in preventing Croatia from building a disputed landfill in the immediate vicinity of the border,” said Kosarac

He announced that BiH would submit the requested documentation so that the European Commission could consider the next steps at the session of the Subcommittee on Transport, Energy, Environment and Regional Development. 

”We will also use this opportunity to inform our European partners about the united position of all competent institutions in BiH on the opposition to Croatia’s intention to dispose of the disputed waste in our yard. We are determined to, with the help of the EU, insist that Croatia give up Trgovska gora as a potential location for the construction of a landfill,” Kosarac emphasized. 

He expressed his commitment to continue building good neighborly relations with Croatia, and said that it was necessary to seek a diplomatic solution for the benefit of 250,000 citizens, who are endangered by the construction of a radioactive waste disposal site and spent nuclear fuel on Trgovska Gora.

”That is the reason why I again appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH to make additional efforts and fully activate the diplomatic-consular network in resolving this issue. It is inadmissible for Trgovska gora to be the subject of politicization, because we must not calculate with the health of our citizens and the preservation of the natural environment,” concluded Kosarac, Biznis.ba writes.

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