Curfew introduced in Bosnia and Herzegovina because of Coronavirus


A curfew was introduced in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Saturday evening. This was decided on Saturday evening at a telephone session of the Federal Civil Protection Headquarters.  Introducing curfew start from 6pm to 5pm tomorrow, according to Avaz news portal.

This means that the curfew is in force throughout BiH.  The headquarters acted on the proposal of the Federal Minister of Internal Affairs, Aljosa Campara, and after a thorough security assessment and appreciating the overall security situation in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially given the increase in the number of coronavirus infected persons and the frequent migrant movements in the evening and night, and the best interests of the citizens.

This order excludes all employees involved in the implementation of measures and activities to address the state of disaster caused by the occurrence of coronaviruses, as well as employees who work in shifts.

Earlier, Republika Srpska entity also decided to introduce a curfew in that entity.


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