Custody for Six People who are suspected of Drug Trafficking

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has ordered custody for six people arrested in the “Transporter” operation, suspected of drug trafficking, confirmed the Prosecutor of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dubravko Campara.

Champara said that the proposal of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH to order a one-month detention for the six arrested was accepted. He added that the detention was ordered due to the danger of escape, and that they could obstruct the investigation, conceal evidence, influence witnesses or accomplices, as well as repeat the crime or complete what was started.

Nine people were arrested in the “Transporter” action, and two people, who are included in the action, are still being searched for.

The suspects arrested are under investigation and are accused of carrying out international smuggling and illicit drug trafficking from the Western Balkans to EU countries, as well as from EU countries to BiH and countries in the region, for a long period of time.

According to the evidence gathered, the suspects are linked to organized crime groups operating in countries in the region, violating the security of citizens and the rule of law.

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