Islamic Community ordered the Closure of “paradzemats” by the End of February

reisThe Islamic Community in B&H obliged all head imams on the areas of all mufties to talk with the organizers and leaders of so called “paradzemats” and advise them that their activities are harmful for Islam and Muslims in B&H.

“All main imams are obliged to talk with the organizers and leaders of paradzemats in the area of their majlises by the end of January 2016. They need to be acknowledged on the harmful effects of their actions and ask them to immediately, and no later than the end of February 2016, stop with maintenance and organization of religious activities in facilities that they are using as masjids (facility used to pray), and which are not have authorized by the competent authority of the Islamic Community in B&H, and invite them to participate in the work and activities of our dzemats,” according to the instructions sent to main imams in Tuzla mufti.

It is estimated that there are dozens of illegal masjids in B&H, in which are mainly gathering members of the Wahhabi communities.

For the establishment of any organization, citizens’ association or non-governmental organizations, whose names and activities are associated with Islam, the approval of the Islamic Community in B&H is necessary.

However, it is still unknown what kind of measures will the Islamic Community in B&H undertake in case the “paradzemats” are not closed by the end of February.

(Source: klix.ba)


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