New Area Code for the Sarajevo Canton soon?

pozivniDue to the increase in disposable numerical capacity for area code 033, which refers to the Sarajevo Canton (KS), the Communications Regulatory Agency (RAK) has launched a public consultation process which should result in a change of area code number for CS and introduce the number 01.

Operators providing fixed telephone services in B&H will be assigned to blocks of 1,000 and 10,000 subscriber numbers, due to which numeral resources from a particular block of 10,000 numbers, can be assigned to only one operator. This stems from the requirements of ITU (International Telecommunication Union) recommendation E.164, in terms of the total number of digits of the national subscriber number required for routing international calls.

Accordingly, the subjects of analysis of utilization of the total available resources with the corresponding regional numerical code are blocks of 10,000 subscriber numbers. According to the current situation, the total capacity of subscriber numbers, which are made available to operators that provide fixed telephone services in B&H, within a regional code, is 80 blocks of 10,000 subscriber numbers.

In order to monitor the sufficiency of the estimated numerical capacities for the provision of telephone services in the fixed telephone network of B&H and its rational use, the Agency, in accordance with its mandate, analyzed data of the allocated blocks of subscriber numbers by operators in defined geographical area (network groups) in B&H.

“With the analysis we considered the occupancy of the numerical capacity, in relation to the available capacity, whereby the Agency considered the existing continuous upward trend of operators’ need for the allocation of new blocks of numbers. Results clearly indicate the over-occupancy of available capacity for numerical geographical area with area code 033 and the need for timely expansion of the resource,” said Amela Odobasic, a spokeswoman for RAK.

(Source: S. H./Klix.ba)

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