Reduction in Prices and the Introduction of 4G Network soon

Mobile Operators Prices klix.baUpon the request of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H, the Regulatory Agency for Communications of B&H (RAK) conducted an analysis and recommendations for activities of telecom operators regarding their operations and prices of services for users. RAK stated that citizens might expect lower prices of services by the end of the year.

Draft measures for improvement of mobile communications market was made by RAK B&H, and after conclusions are harmonized, the operators will have to comply with the decision on prices reduction. There are measures which are necessary to be undertaken and for which not only large financial means are needed, but also a certain period of time.

One of the intended measures is the abolition of national roaming among domestic telecom operators.

In order to reduce prices of telecom operators and overcome obstacles for strengthening competition on the market, RAK proposed following measures:

-Adoption of strategic documents by the Council of Ministers of B&H (urgent adoption of new policy of telecommunications sector in order to allow introduction of new mobile operators on the marker, approval of introduction of 4G mobile networks of new generation),

-Control of prices and terms of use of services according to Act 20 of the Law on Communications,

-Revision of existing regulations of the Agency,

-Conduction of analysis of relevant markets, in accordance with the Regulation 54/2011 on the analysis of electronic communications market,

-Introduction of accounting separation and cost accounting (for operators with significant market strength, this represents key regulatory measure in B&H for the increase in the degree of competitiveness of the market and achievement of benefits for end users of mobile communications market users).

(Source: klix.ba)

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