Cyprus-basedCompany plans to build 100 mln euro Amusement Park in Tuzla


Mohamed Farrag, owner and director of Farrag Fun World Cyprus, presented his project to the Prime Minister of Tuzla Canton Denial Tulumovic and ministers in the Tuzla Canton Government on Thursday.

The total value of the project, according to Director Farrag, is about 100 million euros, and ultimately the park should include roller coasters, a bowling alley with 16 tracks and 4 VIP trails, go-karts for children and adults, more than 40 different entertainment equipment , more than 50 devices for children, a children’s playground, a birthday party room, a special area that includes virtual reality and a laser hall, as well as many restaurants and shops.

Canton Prime Minister Denial Tulumovic thanked for the desire and the idea to build one such project on this site, which would attract tourists and visitors from all over the region.

“This is a very attractive project. Considering that for its realization the existing spatial planning documentation should be changed, as well as that in what form it would be possible to put social resources at the disposal of foreign investors, in the coming days we will present this project to all members of the Government of Tuzla cantons, but also to members of the Assembly. After that, we will take a stand and define how we can support the implementation, “Prime Minister Tulumovic said at the end of the meeting, Biznis Info reports.

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