Czech Development Agency has Provided 2 Million KM for Exploration of Geothermal Resources in Doboj

reg-dobojThe Vice President of RS Enes Suljkanović attended on Monday (7 October 2013) in Doboj the Signing of a Memorandum on the continuation of cooperation regarding the project “The use of renewable geothermal energy in the city of Doboj”, worth about 2 million KM.

The Memorandum from the field of alternative energy sources has been signed between the Local Action Groups of Doboj region, the city and the company ” Geotest” from Sarajevo, which is the branch of the eponymous Czech company from Brno.

Suljkanović pointed out that so far, the Czech Development Agency in the city of Doboj has invested over 3 million KM. If the predictions are true that Doboj is rich with geothermal water, then the energy will be used for heating of the schools “Sveti Sava” in Ševarlijama, building of greenhouses in certain returnee places and other places, said Suljkanović.

Czech Ambassador in B&H Tomaš Sunjog stated that for the first phase of the project, during which geothermal potentials in Doboj area will be examined, is provided by the grant of the Czech Development Agency of about 1.1 million KM.



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