Dairy Industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina recorded Increase in Production


The dairy industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to March statistics, did not feel the impact of the Covid-19 virus, reports. Data from entity statistical institutes show that dairy production was generally higher than in the same month last year.

Thus, milk production in the Federation of BiH increased by 10.5%, sour cream by 13.7%, cream cheese by 47.5%, fermented milk products by 9.7% and cow cheese by 1%, eKapija business portal reports.

The only decline was recorded in butter production, which was down 10%. At the same time, the total quantity of cow’s milk collected in March 2020, which amounted to 15,169 tonnes, was 2.5% higher than in March of the previous year.

According to statistics, in March 2020, dairies collected 8,328 tonnes of cow’s milk from agricultural holdings, which is 1.7% more than in March of the previous year, or 9.8% more than in February this year.

In March 2020, dairies in Republika Srpska entity increased the production of sour cream by 9.3% and cow’s cheese by 6.6%, while reducing the production of drinking milk by 9.6%, fermented dairy products by 16.5% and butter and other yellow-fat products by 20,6%.




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