Dairy Livno to start exporting to Russia soon?

Dairy Livno is preparing to enter the market of Russia, as announced from this dairy.

“We are the only dairy in BiH that has the permit to export to Russia, and we are also planning to go to the market of Turkey as well,” said Darinko Mihaljevic, a consultant in the production in the Dairy Livno.

Although they export only cheese to the market of the EU, in the Dairy Livno believe that putting BiH on the list of countries that are allowed to export all types of milk and dairy products to the EU represents a great success for the dairy industry.

Dairy Livno received the export permit back in 2015, and it passed a long way to the European market since then.

There is currently a total of 85 tonnes of golden cheese rings, and the total capacity, both in the preparation process and storage, is 200 tonnes of cheese.

This dairy also places other dairy products for the domestic market, such as butter and sour cream.

They are planning to invest 250,000 EUR in their new production lines, and they will start their own milk production in order not to depend on the insecure market anymore.



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