Damir Beljo: Adnan, thank you for such a Match and the Speech that followed!

12767668_1110601105657511_2099782796_nDamir Beljo, a boxer from Sarajevo and the European champion in WBO version, congratulated Adnan Ćatić on the world champion title.

“We had an opportunity to watch an amazing match worth of a world champion title and a lot more! I enjoyed the boxing and I truly thank Adnan for such a match, attitude and the speech in the end. Adnan, at the age of 37, in an excellent psycho-mental shape, against the Russian machine… The match was amazing and both of them deserved huge acknowledgement, especially Adnan, who really gave everything he could. He pursued victory. Great domination can hardly be expected in matches like this one because that is unreal, they are ultimate boxers, but what Adnan demonstrated was amazing given the opponent he had, and he won the world champion title for the fifth time!

Champion, thank you for everything. May God bestow you with health, happiness and blessings. Unfortunately, there are always going to be those who will find whatever the reason to comment negatively, and they will probably do so with this statement of mine as well, but I believe that we should all just enjoy in our athletes, all the achievements, and not care if the athletes are from BiH, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro…

We are all neighbors, we understand each other and why would we be envious or divide ourselves to ‘ours’ and ‘theirs’? We are all God’s children and we are all ours! Adnan, thanks for this great achievement,” Damir Beljo wrote on his Facebook profile.


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