Adnan Ćatić after winning the Title: I want a Farewell in Sarajevo!

caticAfter winning the world champion title in super middleweight category in WBA Version, Adnan Ćatić aka Felix Sturm greeted all his fans in BiH and all Bosnians and Herzegovinians.

“Maybe this was my last fight. Maybe. But if I fight again, that will be in Sarajevo. That is my wish and only that will make me enter the ring one more time,” Ćatić said in Bosnian.

Adnan added that BiH is a small country, but that fans and people like those from BiH are to be found nowhere else in the world.

“Bosnia is in my heart. I will keep being there for BiH in every possible way,” Ćatić said.

As a reminder, this German boxer of BiH origin became the world boxing champion for the fifth time by defeating the Russian Fedor Chudinov last night in Oberhausen.


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