Dautbasic: The Visas for Germany will not be reintroduced for B&H

Visa Reintroduction avaz.ba“There is no danger that visas will be introduced to B&H due to problems that Germany has with fake asylum seekers from the Western Balkans”, said Dautbasic Bakir, the head of the Monitoring team for visa liberalization and the Secretary of the Ministry of Security of B&H.

According to him, the latest data shows that only in B&H, when it comes to all the Western Balkan countries, there is a reduction in the number of fake asylum seekers being sent to the EU, while in all other countries the numbers grow alarmingly.

“According to the latest information we have received from our European colleagues in Brussels, only in B&H, when it comes to countries in our region, a drop in the number of fake asylum seekers in comparison with previous years is being recorded”, he said.

According to the latest report, as he said, there is currently two percent less asylum seekers from B&H in the Schengen countries in comparison to last year, which is considered a significant reduction.

Dautbasic recalled that the clause on the suspension of the visa-free regime, which was adopted in the EU, provides that prior to any decision on suspension an increase of asylum seekers must be registered.

“B&H has a decrease, and therefore this question itself excludes the possibility of the reintroduction of visas”, said Dautbasic.

He admitted that the problems in the neighborhood negatively impact on the perception of B&H, but that it cannot have any direct consequences for B&H.

“Unfortunately, other countries continue to record an increase, but I do not want to comment on the situation in the neighboring countries. It is very important that our country is in this downward trend”, he stressed.

(Source: nezavisne.com/ photo avaz)

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