Jasmin Grebić arrived in Sarajevo: The Trip to Barcelona on a Bicycle was my greatest Wish

Jasmin Grebic klix.baThe BH cyclist Jasmin Grebić returned from Barcelona. On the 1st of July this year, he set off on the road on a bicycle, and arrived at his goal after 22 days. Yesterday he returned to Sarajevo, and in front of the Olympic pool Otoka he was welcomed by the Deputy Mayor Ranko Covic and the members of his family and the club.

“The impressions are slowly being summarized; I believe that everything will settle down only in next several days. I had an unforgettable welcome. I was welcomed at a high level everywhere. Everything was covered in the media in Barcelona, and it all turned out much better than I thought”, said Grebić.

Grebić added that the trip to Barcelona was his great wish, and that everything went smoothly.

The trip from Barcelona to Sarajevo went well, Jasmin returned by plane, but he said he loves the most when he is on the bicycle.

We were not revealed any new plans. He said he spent a lot of time travelling alone, so in the coming period he will spend time with his family and his colleagues from the club.

Grebić passed six countries – Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Monaco and Spain, and on 23 July he arrived at the destination driving an average of 100 km a day.

Jasmin is a professor of Sports and Physical Education and a former bodybuilder, and he has been engaged in cycling in the section Trek Team from Sarajevo for five years.

(Source: klix.ba)

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