Day of Mourning on Monday on the Territory of whole BiH

On the occasion of the murder of two policemen, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Council of Ministers brought a decision that Monday, October 29th, will be declared the Day of Mourning on the territory of whole Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The decision of the BiH Council of Ministers was made after the Federal Government and the Sarajevo Canton Government declared the Day of Mourning Day in FBiH and CS.

Adis Sehovic and Davor Vujinovic, Sarajevo police officers who were killed on Friday morning around 4 a.m. when conducting the regular police activities were long-time, and experienced policemen at Sarajevo Ministry of Interior (MUP)

MUP of Sarajevo Canton conducts an investigation in this case in cooperation with the RS MUP, FUP, and SIPA.

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