Decrease in the Number of Criminal Acts of provoking National, Racial and Religious Hatred in B&H recorded

cyber crimeThe Information on the Security Situation in B&H for 2014, Ministry of Security of B&H stated that the number of criminal acts of provoking the national, racial, religious hatred, discord and intolerance in B&H, is decreasing for 47% compared to 2013.

“In the previous period, Agency found out that even during 2014, threats and attacks on the certain returnees and their property were continued in the smaller degree, and also cases of the violation of public peace and order on the national basis, while the same ones were recorded at several places at the area of the entire B&H“, as written in the Information.

It was added that the modern technologies are being put into the function of interlocking and networking of members and groups, for planning, coordination and controlling activities.

“So-called Chat Facebook pages on certain portals on which the communication is basically intolerant and exclusively on the national, religious and political basis, whose themes and attitudes are extremely permeated with the extremism and radicalism, especially when marking important historical dates and events in B&H and environment, are especially active for them“, as stated in the Information.

It was emphasized from the Ministry of Security of B&H that is needed to educate more the police officers in the field of cyber-criminal, but also to initiate the adoption of an appropriate legislation in the field of editing false internet portals.

(Source: klix.ba/ Photo: ibtimes.co.uk)

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