Croatia blocked the Export of Milk; Countermeasures are currently not an Option

Mirko Sarovic Milk Export klix.baThe Minister of Trade and Economic Relations of B&H Mirko Sarovic confirmed that Croatia blocked the export of milk from B&H to the EU.

This was confirmed to Sarovic by the Croatian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vesna Pusic, at the margins of the meeting in Vienna.

Sarovic said that Vesna Pusic did not state the concrete reason for blocking the export of BH milk to the EU, but that the BH institutions will have more information soon.

“Some time later we also have a meeting with the Commissioner Hahn, and we will request from him the dismissal of this complaint “, said Sarovic.

Sarovic stressed that B&H met all the conditions for the export of milk and it got green light from all relevant EU institutions.

“We import big amounts of milk from Croatia, and make no barriers. We will ask for the reaction of the European Commission and its Committee, in order to dismiss the requests of the Croatian party”, Sarovic stated.

Regarding the countermeasures against Croatia, Sarovic said they are not an option now, but that they might be discussed as well.

“We will consider further concrete moves within the relevant bodies. Our viewpoint remained that we are right, and that the European Commission will protect us”, said Sarovic.


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