Demands at Plenum in Sarajevo Adopted and New Plenum is Tomorrow at 17:30

plenumsarajevoAt today’s Plenum of the citizens of Sarajevo in Dom Mladih in Skenderija, four immediate demands were adopted, of which one of them is the formation of a nonparty expert government of the Canton of Sarajevo.

The four demands are to be submitted to the Sarajevo Canton Assembly are:

1) Establish an expert government, with the consultation of the citizens’ Plenum.

2) Review the salaries and benefits of Sarajevo Canton officials and adjust them in accordance with current financial constraints,

3) Audit privatizations,

4) Establish an independent expert committee to clarify the facts about the events of February 7, estimate the total cost of damages, and determine the liability of police officers who used excessive force and harassed detainees.

The third Plenum of the citizens of Sarajevo will take place tomorrow at 17:30 in Dom Mladih. Protests will continue tomorrow at noon.

(Source: Fena/klix.ba)

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