(De)militarization of the most successful project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The project and work of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina is believed to be the most successful project in the post- Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project is also characterized as the only reform that fulfilled all requirements. The Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina are currently facing the greatest challenge ever.

The 7th anniversary of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina was not celebrated but struck with the news of the request for its suspension. Although everyone claims that this is the most successful reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last 17 years, more requests are coming for its suspension. According to the opinion of the majority of people and authorities, this seems like another political game. It is a fact that Armed Forces of B&H are crucial for the stability of the country, but as the Deputy Minister of Defense, Mirko Okolić says, ” politics should decide on our next steps”. He also adds: ” From my point of view, I claim that what we receive from the budget can be used in a better way, which means that we can invest in training a better army”.

Due to the current problems, the Armed Forces of B&H showed the readiness and determination in their peace missions, and according to the member of the Presidency of B&H Bakir Izetbegović, it is crucial to further invest in the modernization for the future success. Izetbegović also adds: ” Our allies say that the improvement of our Armed Forces on the path to NATO in these seven years is probably the fastest improvement recorded in B&H.”

Republika Srpska does not want to invest in the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The leadership of Republika Srpska insists for a long time on reforms, because, as they claim, the investment for the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina could be used to cover all deficits in the budget of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik went a step further and asked for a suspension of the Armed Forces. He said: ” From the economic standpoint it is unnecessary to spend this amount of money. We do not want to give another 600 million BAM in the next six years for the funding of Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

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