Deportation of around 3,900 B&H Citizens expected to be deported from Germany?

Deportations from Germany dnevnik.baUpon the proposal by the Ministry of Security, the Council of Ministers adopted the information by the Work Group for monitoring of the implementation on the Decision on visa-free regime for the citizens of B&H in the EU/Schengen, in connection with the announced deportation of persons originating from B&H who are considered economical immigrants, i.e. “false asylum seekers”, in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The usage of Laissez-Passer, or the so-called “European emergent travel document for return”, is approved. It will be valid for B&H citizens during entering B&H in the course of their deportation, i.e. the return to the country, issued by the relevant authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany, until the termination of the campaign and no longer than 90 days, after which the regulations on readmission that are currently effective will be applied.

According to the estimations, there are around 90,000 asylum seekers from the Western Balkans region, among which are 3,903 persons originating from B&H who should be deported to B&H, according to the announcements of relevant bodies of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Upon the proposal by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Directorate for European Integration, the Council of Ministers of B&H adopted the Position of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the first meeting of the Council for Stabilization and Association, which is to be held on December 11 in Brussels. Among other things, the pre-accession strategy will be discussed, in the light of the Report of the Commission on B&H for 2015.

The Council of Ministers adopted the amendment to the decision on the determination of border crossings in B&H, which includes the international border crossings for air traffic, the international airports Tuzla and Mostar, among the border crossings through which he transport of goods of animal origin is allowed, in addition to the previously approved border crossings Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

Draft amendments to the Law on Decorations of B&H has also been determined, introducing a new recognition –  the Order of the silver coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina with swords for demonstrated personal courage of the members of the Armed Forces of B&H.

The Council of Ministers of B&H also defined the draft law on Budget of the institutions of B&H and the international liabilities of B&H for 2016 which will be submitted to the Presidency of B&H, the body relevant for its proposing, by the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of B&H.

According to the Draft law, the budget amounts to 1,720,637,818 BAM, of which total revenues for financing of institutions and incomes are on the level of previous years and amount to 950,000,000 BAM, while the revenues for servicing of foreign debt amount to 770,637,818 BAM and are increased by 157,057,193 BAM in comparison with the last year’s budget.

(Source: klix.ba)

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