Deputy Head of EU Delegation Daviddi Spoke With Sejdić and Finci

The Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to BiH Renzo Daviddi met with Dervo Sejdić and Jakob Finci in Sarajevo today in order to speak with them about the progress of discussions regarding the implementation of the European Court of Human Rights ruling.

The EU delegation and EUSR engaged in a series of activities with the goal of helping the political process that should resolve the issue of discrimination in the selection of members of the BiH Presidency.

“In light of the next meeting of high-level dialogues between the EU and BiH on the process of accession, which is planned for 11 April of this year, the leaders of the seven political parties led constructive discussions last week in Brussels. They expressed their clear readiness to reach a political agreement for the implementation of the “Sejdić-Finci” ruling’’, said Daviddi at a meeting held in the EU building.

The Deputy Head of the EU delegation explained that a large part of the discussion concerned a direct model, ‘’symmetrical’’ choice that takes into account specific characteristics of the BiH Constitution.

“However, there are still many details that have to be defined and political leaders have to continue the work in BiH so that on 11 April they could present a political agreement’’, concluded Daviddi.

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