Despite the Court Injunction, the Construction of a small Hydroelectric Power Plant on the Kasindol River continued

Even though the District Court in Banja Luka accepted the lawsuit of the Association Resursni Aarhus center in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and annulled the environmental permit for the small hydroelectric power plant “Samar” on the Kasindolriver, the works were continued.

This river is located in the municipalities of Istocno Novo Sarajevo and Trnovo and works on a small hydroelectric power plant Samar started last month. Besides this small hydroelectric power plant on the Kasindol River, citizens are also trying to prevent the construction of the small hydroelectric power plantSlapi.

Activists opposing the construction posted videos from Monday and yesterday showing that the construction was continueddespite a ban and a court decision.

Obviously, for some powerful people in BiH, there are no rules or the possibility of imposing a ban, reports.


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