Didactic Toys by Couple from Cazin attracted Attention in Switzerland

didactic toysEco-friendly didactic toys for children are hand-produced in Cazin. Young couple Senad and Enesa Kapic turned their great idea into a successful business. Senad is the engineer of the wood industry, and Enesa is a teacher.

They came up with the idea to start with the creation of environmentally friendly products after realizing that there are fewer products in the domestic market that have quality in the first place and that our children usually play with plastic toys, which are not safe. This is why they decided to make their own, and they call it Unikatna radionica igračaka (unique toy workshop).

Business like this is difficult to develop in our country, but throughout the years that toys like these were produced in Cazin, Unique workshop managed to place their products on the market not only in its hometown and canton but also in Switzerland, where this specific product from Cazin is very well received.

toysToys are original and that distinguishes them from the majority of Chinese toys on the market. They are made of natural materials, which are procured in the city, and production of a toy, as Enes stated, takes about two hours.

Environmentally friendly toys for children of preschool and school-age of domestic production are currently used by children in a kindergarten in Bihac, and we have no doubt that the interest will be much greater very soon.

(Source: akta.ba)



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