Digital Story: Virtual Tour through the Impressive Fortress (video)

tabijaThe stronghold known as White Fortress is one of the most impressive and the most important historical sites in Sarajevo. It is located on the southeastern part of the former old town, with a view on valley of the Miljacka River. It had an important strategic position throughout the history.

It once belonged to the defensive walls of the city that had surrounded it, and now it is surrounding the city settlement Vratnik.

Association Digi.ba prepared a 4D virtual presentation of the White Fortress, which is aiming to present the historical development of this object through a combination of digital stories and interactive 3D models of the fortress in different periods of time.

These models feature a digitalized archaeological findings and their 3D reconstructions.

At the moment, the second phase of the project is completed. A total of six 3D models of the fortress looks were created, as follows: one from the medieval period, three from the Ottoman period and two from the Austro-Hungarian period. Specific archaeological findings from the site were digitalized, which are part of the collection of the Museum of Sarajevo and a virtual reconstruction of these objects was created as well. Scenarios for digital stories are finalized, and the project will be presented to the public on the 28th of October, at the Museum of Sarajevo – Brusa Bezistan.

“In the next phase, we will be doing the production of digital stories about the White Fortress in history as well as the legends, events and persons that were related to it. 3D models that we created will be displayed on the Internet in an interactive form, so that visitors can move through them just like in a computer game. Reconstructed archaeological findings will be put in this interactive environment as well, so that visitors can learn about their context. It will be possible to see the digital stories about some important events and people related to the Fortress,” as announced from the Digi.ba.

Project will be continued after the necessary financial support is provided, and the first 2 stages are realized with the support of BH Telecom.

The project team of Digi.ba is consisted of following: Adnan Muftarevic expert consultant, Fotis Arnaoutoglou who is in charge of digitalization of exhibits, Aida Sadzak and Mirsad Festa who are in charge for 3D modeling, Fatmir Alispahic who is writing text for digital stories, Irfan Prazina in charge for web programming and the project coordinator Selma Rizvic.

(Source: klix.ba)

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