DijasporaCard for discount shopping in BiH

DijasporaCard-250x166Group of young BiH businessmen has started the project called DijasporaCardin order to utilise the purchasing power of BiH Diaspora so that the users of the card would have discount in BiH during the entire year, reports Fena.

Depending on the company, owners of the DijasporaCard will have a discount from 5 to 60%, while on the other hand sellers from BiH will have a database of premium buyers from Diaspora.

DiasporaCards will be available to all members of BiH Diaspora via

This project is an opportunity for BiH companies whose interest group is BiH Diaspora, because they’ll be in advantage over other companies for having premium buyers from Diaspora.

BiH companies, interested in this project can also apply in order to become a partner.

BiH Diaspora contributes greatly to improvement of BIH economy, and according to official data, around 1 billion USD is spent in BiH every year by Diaspora, and around 1.5 billion USD enters BiH which is around 20% of BiH GDP, which shows the importance of BiH Diaspora.


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