Days of Francophone culture in Visoko start today

visoko 1From 7 to 10 May, Days of Francophone Culture will be held in gallery ‘Likum ‘76’ in Visoko, and today an exhibition ‘Sartre’ will be opened, reports

As a part of this event, there will be a screening of the film on Albert Camus and Simone de Beauvoir, as well as the first rerun of the play ‘Wheel of Misfortune’.

President of French Cultural Centre ‘André Malraux’ Francis Bueb will attend the opening of the exhibition, together with representatives of embassies of France and Switzerland, as well as the Young People Initiative for Human Rights BIH, which supported the project financially, together with centre ‘André Malraux’.

This event will mark the beginning of Days of Foreign Culture in Visoko, in organisation of the association of theatre fans ‘Confero’, in order to promote other cultures.

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