Jasmila Zbanic’s Film about the Genocide in Srebrenica is the best European Film of 2021!

At last night’s 34th European Film Awards, the film from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) won in as many as three categories. After the award for the best European director, the best actress, “Quo Vadis, Aida?” was named the best European film in 2021.

When it comes to the “European Oscar” award ceremony, this is the first time that a film from the countries of the former Yugoslavia has won the best film category.

After winning the award for the best European film, Zbanic emphasized that she hoped that this would encourage more women’s solidarity, women’s perspectives in politics, art, and life.

“We have a responsibility to give our audiences the truth, it may be a difficult truth, it may not be profitable, but we must have complex stories so that our audience is ready for the complex times that have begun,” she explained.

The film has been nominated so far for the Oscar of the American Film Academy, the BAFTA Award of the British Film Academy, it has won the Independent Spirit Awards, and more than 30 awards from various world festivals.




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