Seminar Tomorrow on Perception of Lobbying in Business in Public and Civil Sector

lobiranjeA seminar will be held in Sarajevo tomorrow on the topic “Perception of Lobbying in Business, Public and Civil Sector-Experience of Countries in the Region”, which is organized by the BiH Foreign Trade Chamber. Its activities are directed towards the development and progress of economic relations of BiH and foreign economies, including partnerships and the interest of members of the relevant institutions in BiH and corresponding associations abroad.

With the accession of BIH to the EU nearing, BiH business people and companies will have to adjust their business with the requirements of the European market and to apply directives, and all in accordance with the modern ways of business in the framework in which lobbying is already understood as an inevitable component of impact, or modern business, said in a statement by the BiH Foreign Trade Chamber.

The goal of the seminar is to familiarize members of the BiH Foreign Trade Chamber and the wider public with the activities and results that are in the field of lobbying that have so far been made by countries in the region (Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia). The organizing of the seminar by the Foreign Trade Chamber, as representatives of the interest of the economy, wish to draw more attention to the well-established ways in which to influence decision makers.

Lecturers at the seminar will be Christian D. de Fouloy, President of the Association of Accredited Lobbyists to the EU, prof. dr. sc. Mate Granić, President of the Croatian Association of Lobbyists, prof. d.r Konstandin Pušara, President of the Montenegrin Association of Lobbyists, dr. Marjan Tanuševski, Head of the Macedonian Center for Lobbying, and prof. dr. Radivoj Kocić, President of the Assembly for the Association of Lobbyists of Serbia.

The seminar will be held in the offices of the BiH Foreign Trade Chamber beginning at 10:00.

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