Dino Bajric the Winner of the First Diving Competition on Bentbasa

Bentbasa Diving Held n1info.comThe Sports and Recreation Association “Sport Active” yesterday organized the first International Diving Competition at the locality of the old bathing area Bentbasa in Sarajevo.

In front of several thousands of spectators, 19 competitors from B&H and Serbia dived into the Miljacka River from the improvised platform installed at the height of 15 meters.

The competitors dived in traditional “lasta” style (the swallow style) in two rounds, and the first place went to the Sarajevan Dino Bajric, who is also the initiator of this competition. Danko Dangubic from Konjic took the second place, while Aleksandar Aleksic from Uzice (Serbia) ended at the third place.

“Given that the Sarajevans have not had an opportunity to watch diving in our city, it was my wish to introduce my fellow citizens to this sport a little bit better. We brought the best divers from the region to Bentbasa. After Konjic, Banja Luka, Visegrad, Mostar and Jajce, the lovers of this sport had an opportunity to watch the ‘flights’ in Sarajevo as well, and once popular bathing area was in the focus of the public again”, said Bajric.

Six participants have performed figurative dives in the revue part of the competition, which should, according to Bajric, be included in the competition program as of next year.

The organizers’ intention for the next season is to install the platform on Bentbasa at the height of 17 meters, in order for the former bathing area to have one of the highest diving platforms in B&H, along with the Old Bridge in Mostar and the waterfall in Jajce.

(Source: klix.ba)

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