Director of Intelligence and Security Agency of BiH released

Osman Mehmedagic, director of Intelligence and Security Agency (OSA) was released with prohibitive measures, it was confirmed for Klix.ba. The decision was made by the Court of BiH after this morning’s hearing at which the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH and the defense before the pre-trial judge Tatjana Kosovic presented arguments for ordering one-month detention against him.

Mehmedagić is prohibited from meeting with certain persons, i.e. mutual contacts in any way with other suspects – Denis Prcic, Melisa Belkic-Mujkanovic, Emir Mujkanovic, and contacting Prosecution witnesses in this criminal case, including approaching them at a distance of 50 meters, and any contact and conversation about the case with any person other than defense counsel.

According to the statement, the suspect Mehmedagic, in order to regularly perform his function, can exceptionally communicate with Prosecution witnesses and other persons at a distance of less than 50 meters, but he is forbidden to talk to these persons about this case.

He is obliged to inform the acting prosecutor in advance about any such contact. The ban measure will last as long as there is a need for it, and the justification of this measure will be checked every two months.

Members of the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of the Interior arrested Mehmedagic yesterday on suspicion of committing crimes of abuse of office or authority, forgery of documents and money laundering.

Investigators are checking and alleging that Mehmedagic falsified the diploma with which he applied for the position of OSA director, and the way in which he bought two residential buildings in Sarajevo is also suspicious.

Half an hour before he was taken to the detention facility of the Canton Sarajevo Ministry of Interior, inspectors and construction experts completed a search of his property in Sarajevo.

The determination of the value of the house of the director of OSA was also done because Mehmedagic is charged with money laundering during the purchase of apartments in Sarajevo.

The reason for suspicion is that Mehmedagic did not withdraw the money with which he bought the house from the bank account.

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