Doctors in Konjic will resign tomorrow if they do not receive their Salaries

Doctors in Konjic will start signing dismissals tomorrow and transfer to other health institutions if the accounts of the Health Center and the Konjic General Hospital are not unblocked by tomorrow and the workers are not paid their earned salaries.

The radical steps of the doctor were confirmed by the president of the branch of the Professional Union of Doctors of Medicine and Dentistry of the Health Center and the Konjic General Hospital, Azra Musinovic.

She stressed that this is the only move they can make after they have undertaken all trade union activities, and yesterday in Konjic they received the full support of the representatives of the Trade Union of Doctors of Medicine of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNC) and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH).

They called on all authorities to take the necessary steps urgently to unblock the accounts of health institutions in Konjic and end the agony for 320 health workers and their families.

“We expect the accounts to be unblocked today, possibly tomorrow, otherwise we will start signing the dismissal on Wednesday. But we sincerely hope that this will not happen and that the unblocking and thus the payment of salaries will happen,” Musinovic mentioned yesterday.

Doctors from Konjic said that they would not give up their demands, because they are asking for honestly earned salaries, which they have not received since July, because the FBiH Tax Administration blocked the accounts of the General Hospital and Health Center Konjic due to accumulated debts.

To recall, health workers in Konjic have already gone to the streets and started a general strike on November 26th, and then blocked the highway in Konjic and fought with all union means for their salaries. Also, on December 15th, they were defeated so they stopped work and hung white coats on the gate of the hospital.

Respecting the law on the general strike, they still take care of the patients in the hospital and emergencies, but no one from the authorities has reacted yet, in order to solve the problem of 320 families who have been brought to the brink of existence.


Source: Klix.ba


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