Real Threats or political Spin: What does Milanovic’s Decision mean?

On Sunday, another affair of a regional character was created, and that is, without a doubt, the cancellation of the visit of Croatian President Zoran Milanovic to our country. On this occasion, Milanovic played a card that his predecessor Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic used to use earlier – security situation.

Security expert Safet Music, based on his own research, analyzing Milanovic’s decision and the assessments of Croatian services, emphasized that these are probably threats from social networks.

“This has happened before, and for various politicians. Given everything, I would exclude with 99 percent certainty threats that would be related to some extremist organizations or groups, whether they have a religious, ideological, terrorist, or some other agenda. Individuals are difficult to control, you have the case of an individual who shot at the Croatian Parliament. Is he a terrorist or not?! We cannot exclude such or similar individuals in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), where 30 percent of war participants suffer from PTSD, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), ” said Music.

According to Music, Milanovic is not so frivolous as to use security services just like that, without any basis, even if it was about individuals or comments from the Internet, but he pointedout that it is not impossible that there was political dimension in assessment of the delay of Milanovic’s trip.

“I really can’t claim, but it is possible that it was estimated in Pantovcak that it would be more politically appropriate for Milanovic not to go than to go to BiH. It is possible that this fits into his agenda, there may be a common political denominator of all his recent outbursts related to BiH. One outburst can happen to anyone, but not the whole series,” Music noted.


Source: Klix.ba


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