Dodik: I am grateful to Erdogan and Vucic, we continue with the Activities we have planned in the RS National Assembly

Milorad Dodik, a member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) together with two other members of the BiH Presidency, met yesterday with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Samantha Power, who is currently in our country.

“There are no security threats in BiH”

Dodik described the meeting as constructive.

”She does not differentiate between Federation of BiH (FBiH)and Republika Srpska (RS). She pointed out she would continue to support projects in RS as well. We assessed the visit as positive, and we will continue to agree on projects that we will work with USAID, and I will support all projects that we will work with BiH, ” Dodik explained.

Dodik also commented on the current relations and problems of BiH, criticizing the policy of the United Kingdom (UK), and welcoming the initiative launched towards our country by the Presidents of Serbia and Turkey, Aleksandar Vucic and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In the UK, they are making huge efforts to make something happen, but in the end, local leaders still have to solve it, and I am grateful to Erdogan and Vucic for their efforts to solve it. It is logical to talk to the people who have the greatest electoral capacity, and that is me, ” Dodik believes.

The member of the Presidency stated that the “Muslim diaspora” has recently been engaged in lobbying for changes in BiH.

The Muslim diaspora has been engaged, they are trying to change something here. There are no security threats in BiH and that is the real truth. We should finally remove that from the agenda,” Dodik thinks.

“Nobody threatens the territory of BiH”

Dodik pointed out that he was not a separatist and that he was falsely accused.

”Again, they’re trying to accuse us of what we’re not doing. RS has no plan or movement to pursue secession. But we want the constitution to be respected and to implement what is written in the constitution. The transfer of competencies was done in an atmosphere of constant pressure, breaking hands, punishment, and what we did was try to talk about it. Bosniaks do not want that and then we have nothing left but to continue with our activities that we planned in the National Assembly of RS (NARS), ” Dodik emphasized.

As for his return to institutions and Vucic‘s call to do so, Dodiksaid that he was grateful to Vucic for such an intervention, but that such a decision could not be reached without an agreement between the authorities and the opposition in RS.

The member of the Presidency again criticized the role of the UK in our country.

Some alleged deputies from the Muslim environment were staying in the UK Parliament these days, they were talking about removing the paws from Bosnian territory, this is western territory. This shows that they think that this is someone else’s territory. This is the territory of the people who live here. That speaks to their view of things. Nobody is threatening the territory of BiH here. This is a territory inhabited by three peoples and two entities. It is a treacherous process in which the territory is handed over, ” Dodik concluded.



Source: Avaz

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