Dodik on the Serb Orthodox Church and the Islamic Community

Dodik about Agreement between IC and B&H srbijadanas.comDraft Agreement between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Islamic Community will be a basis for the meeting of His Holiness the Serb Patriarch Irinej with the political representatives from Republika Srpska, which is to be held on November 4 in Bijeljina, but not in a sense that the Orthodox Church challenges it, but it will express its attitude, announced yesterday the President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik.

Dodik said that he expects that attitude to speak of equality of all religious communities, without the privileged and those who have more or less rights. Furthermore, Dodik highlighted that the Patriarch is not a judge or someone who is coming to impose something, but that the Serb Orthodox Church must express its attitude.

Addressing the press in Trno near Laktaši yesterday, Dodik stated that the Serb Orthodox Church, as opposite to the Islamic religious Community, is “not meddling in politics and that is visible to all those who want to be objective”.

Dodik claimed that the Islamic religious Community “decides on the winner in the Bosniak political corpus at the very day of the elections”.

According to Dodik, meeting in Bijeljina will be held in form of consultations, but other issues will probably be discussed as well.

(Source: klix.ba/ photo srbijadanas)

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