Dodik: Serbian Diplomats from BiH no longer have the Obligation to obey the Orders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Milorad Dodik, stated that “BiH is a poor and pathetic country, a country of disintegration, hatred, and failure”, and that Ambassador Sven Alkalaj is a “rogue”.

When asked by Srna to comment on last night’s speech by Ambassador Sven Alkalaj at the United Nations (UN) Security Council session, Dodik told that “the speech of the ambassador in New York, who ignored the position and rules of the Presidency according to which a BiH representative cannot speak if he had not received the consent of all three members of that highest body, a mirror of that disarray for which there is no cure, just as there is no cure for hatred towards Serbs. “

He pointed out that it is clear that BiH, which is not respected even by those who represent it, is a funny thing without sovereignty and integrity, and that Sven Alkalaj is also like that.

“A man of scandals, rogue, image that presents those who proposed him. This is Sven Alkalaj. A man whose career has been marked by scandals, lies, abuses, is the perfect puppet for those who need such miserable and pathetic person to perform all possible and impossible orders, even those that go in favor of individuals, but to the detriment of such an image of BiH, which they mention only when something needs to be ‘attributed’ to the Serbs,” Dodik noted.

He stated that what is being asked now by every BiH ambassador from the ranks of the Serbian people, and all of them are honest professionals, is:

“And what would have happened if I had done so? If I had ignored the position of the collective head of BiH, if I had violated the rules, the laws that determine the behavior of diplomatic representatives.”

Also, Dodik stressed that they are aware that the sanctions would be severe and would take effect immediately.

“This was the case until last night’s shameful act of Sven Alkalaj and his unapproved presentation, an act which once again disgraced BiH, as well as the foundations of its so-called functioning. I now declare that no Serbian diplomat from BiH, regardless of rank, has any obligation until further notice to obey the orders and instructions of his bosses from the ranks of other people, and especially not the instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headed by Bisera Turkovic, ” said Dodik yesterday.

He assessed that people can only be spoken to in a language they understand.

“Since in BiH there is a language of powerlessness, general disarray, the language of unofficial duty and order, street law, the language of insolent trampling of procedures, disrespect of the official hierarchy, the language of hatred, we will answer in that way. It is pointless to demand responsibility from BiH’s irresponsible representative to the UN or the head of his party. I believe that it is time to put an end to such a shameful practice and we must do everything to respect the laws and procedures,” Dodik concluded, Klix.ba writes.


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