Dodik: We will repeal all Laws passed by the High Representative

Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Milorad Dodik said yesterday that Republika Srpska (RS) would repeal all laws passed by the High Representative (HR) so far.

As he pointed out, RS officials had a meeting with the ambassadors of European countries yesterday.

”There were 15 of them, we announced our views. Those who did not come said that the location was not adequate, they probably think that we should have come to Bascarsija, ” toldDodik.

He mentioned that they agreed that no one is against the territorial integrity of BiH.

”We are not against and we agree on that. We will pass laws in RS that all laws passed by the HR are null and void, and that is about 140 laws, ” stated Dodik.

”The European Commission will not make a decision on sanctions against RS or any individual. We want talks, but we won’t tolerate that someone threatens us. We have the right to our constitutional position, and no one can force us to accept an illegal HR, no matter what country he comes from,” notedDodik.

Dodik: We will adopt a law that the Agency for Medicines of BiH cannot operate in RS

The National Assembly of RS (NARS) will adopt the law that the Agency for Medicines of BiH will not have the right to operate in the area of Srpska, said Milorad Dodik. He emphasized that Srpska will solve the issue of supplying hospitals with oxygen.

”In a couple of days, we will introduce the “lex specialis” to the NARS, which will regulate the issue of oxygen supply to the hospital in RS. We will establish a new system with new criteria, ” Dodik emphasized at a press conference in Istocno Sarajevo.

Source: BHRT

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