Turkovic noted to Dodik: The Future of BiH will be decided by Citizens, not destructive Individuals

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Bisera Turkovic, referred to Milorad Dodik’s statement from Wednesday, where he spoke about the future organization of BiH, but also about his participation in the work of the Presidency of BiH.

Among other things, Dodik pointed out that he continues to attend the sessions of the Presidency of BiH, but to vote against the decisions.

“Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic has put everything on the agenda, including the agreement with the Islamic Community. Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic is expected to be present at several points. I will get up from the table and sit on the sidewhile she reports. There is no need to sit at the same table. When the vote comes, I will vote against, whatever she says. They say a blockade, not a blockade, I am in session, and if I do not want to vote as the two of them, it is not a blockade, but that is how the BiH Presidency should function, ” mentioned Dodik.

After this statement, Minister of Foreign Affairs Turkovic told Dodik that the essence of the institution of the Presidency is to solve obligations and tasks.

“What Milorad Dodik should know and what is the essence of the work of the institution of the BiH Presidency and other institutions of BiH is solving accumulated obligations and tasks, acting in the interest of all citizens, not simple opposition. A priori voting against all proposed decisions is nothing butblocking the work of the BiH Presidency, ” Turkovic stated.

She also referred to Dodik’s statements that it would be best for Bosniaks to be a separate state.

“When it comes to is BiH, its future will be decided by the citizens and its democratic, state institutions, and not by destructive individuals, even if they see themselves in the role of leaders,” Turkovic wrote.

In the end, the head of BiH diplomacy noted to Dodik that leaders are changing, but that BiH remains.

“I would like to remind Mr. Dodik that leaders, no matter how good or bad, change, but the country remains and has survived, despite barbaric battles, much stronger and more powerful than he will ever be,” Turkovic concluded.


Source: Klix.ba

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