Domestic Bingo bought the Furniture Manufacturer Duka&Bosna

Bingo in Tus Stores bingotuzla.baThe company Bingo Ltd. Tuzla took over the furniture manufacturer Duka&Bosna JSC Brčko, the website reported.

On December 11, Bingo bought 712,234 shares of Duka&Bosna, or 77.7 percent, at the Sarajevo Stock Exchange, thus increasing the ownership interest in this company to 89.9 percent.

Bingo Ltd. Paid 3,026,994.50 BAM for this shares package.

Within the legal deadline Bingo will publish a takeover bid for the remaining 92,243 shares which are not in its possession currently, i.e. 10.1 percent of shares.

This is the second acquisition by Bingo in a short period of time, given that Bingo bought the textile factory Novitet in Bosanski Petrovac from HETA in early November.


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