Domestic Dita needs a Steam Line for Arix to experience the former Glory

Dita Needs Steam Line depo.baDita is currently solvent, but launching of the steam line is crucial in order to start the production of powder detergent Arix, the economist at Dita and the Deputy Bankruptcy Trustee Almir Bajric.

This company, which has been in a financial dubiety for years, has been significantly recovering during the past months thanks to its employers, 69 of them, but also thanks to the loyal consumers who have started buying the products of Dita again.

“I must especially thank the shopping centers as well, who have really helped us a lot. We hope that will continue. Currently the most important thing for us is the awareness of our consumers, because without them nor we or the economy of B&H can survive”, said Bajric.

In three and a half months of production, Dita had a turnover of over a million BAM. Of that amount, this company managed to service all liabilities and pay three regular wages to the employees.

“The sales have decreased a bit in the past period, given the fact that the turnover period of these products is nearly 60 days”, Bajric explained.

These days, the management of Dita has been negotiation on the export of the detergents to Kosovo as well.

“At this moment, the steam line and its enabling are especially important to us. This liquid program also depends on it. During the summer we could operate without the steam line, because the temperature was normal for the raw materials. Now, the winter is coming and we urgently need the steam line. That is also important for the production of the powder detergent Arix, in order for it to experience the former glory. I think that we can survive with the powder and liquid detergent, and maintain this number of employees”, said Bajric.

Bajric noted that it is expected from Elektroprivreda BiH to enable the steam line. The necessary investment amounts to 150.000 BAM.

“During these days, we should negotiate all the details and start with the implementation”, Bajric added.


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