Domestic Euro-Asfalt entering the Qatar Market

Euro-Asfalt Interview akos.baConstruction company Euro-Asfalt is at the end of another business year marked by numerous successful projects in B&H and broader. The company worked in Albania, started working on the construction of highway in Slovenia, successfully completed several projects in B&H. Hamed Ramić, Director General of the company Euro-Asfalt, commented on the year that almost passed and announced new markets that the company is to conquer soon.

Another business year is behind Euro-Asfalt, marked by numerous successful projects in B&H and outside of its borders. How satisfied are you?

Given the fact that this year was exceptionally difficult for construction workers in our country due to lack of projects, we in Euro-Asfalt have no reason to be unsatisfied. We did not wait for jobs in B&H, we applied to tenders abroad; we got some jobs, some not, but we managed to do enough to end this year positively.

In cooperation with the company ŽGP, Euro-Asfalt completed the Sarajevo bypass before the deadline, connecting Sarajevo with the Corridor 5C. Moreover, you are participating in the construction of a section of highway in Slovenia. Can you list other projects that Euro-Asfalt has successfully completed and launched in 2015?

We have completed and launched many projects. During 2015, we completed works on the highway Odžak-Svilaj, the Sarajevo bypass has been completed and put into operation several days ago, tunnel Belqize in Albania was completed, the Main City Road (GGM) in Zenica, and we completed the Stup loop and several other, smaller projects. Two months ago we launched works on the section of the highway in Slovenia.

Civil construction, as well as other branches of economy, is fighting for survival on the market. How difficult is this struggle for your company?

As difficult as it is for any other company. The fight and constant proving are our everyday routine and that is the way it has to be.

How do you manage to cope with all legal regulations?

Some laws are good for business entities, some are not. We are legalists, thus it does not represent a problem for us.

The company is constantly present in Germany. Last year you announced performance on the market of the Middle East, precisely in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. What have you achieved so far in this regard?

Negotiations about business in Qatar have lasted for a long time, the procedure is such in that country and patience is required. The negotiations will be finalized in December this year.

Do you have any new plans, conquering new markets or employment of workers?

Nearly 500 workers are employed in Euro-Asfalt, and it is a great success to provide job for all of them. Our plan for next year is to increase presence in the region of Southeastern Europe and the Middle East.


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