Dzaferovic on Vulin’s Statement: All of this reminds us of the 1990s

On Tuesday, Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Sefik Dzaferovic, who attended the commemoration of 12 victims who were killed in 1992 in Prijedor, said, while reacting to Minister Aleksandar Vulin’s statement about the Serbian world that “the conspirators of that weird fascist idea are much weaker, and BiH is much stronger. “

Dzaferovic stated that he did not know whether it was even appropriate to react to the statements of the minister, for whom he said he was “as he is”.

“I will not be upset, he did not deserve my comment on that, but I will talk about the topic of the ‘Serbian world’. All this is reminiscent of the 90s and the consequences for which we are here. All creators of that great state policy should keep in mind two things when it comes to BiH, ” told Dzaferovic and added:

“First they have to look at how those who advocated those policies ended up, they are in The Hague and in the dustbin of history. Also, there is something very important, they have to know very well that we will never be surprised and shockedagain. Supporters of this ridiculous fascistic idea are much weaker, while BiH is much stronger. They broke their teeth in 1992 and they should not mess with BiH, ” Dzaferovic said.

He claims that everything that happened in the area of Krajina and Prijedor had “elements of genocide, but that they respect the decisions of the Hague Tribunal”.

“We will pass the truth on to generations, we will never forget what happened because if we forget there is a danger of evil happening again. When you look at the monstrosity of the crimes and the elements committed here in 1992, even though the Hague tribunal called this only a crime against humanity, I believe that all of this has elements of genocide, ” noted Dzaferovic.

Also, he added that the fight for truth and justice should be continued and that the priority, as he said, is “to find another 600 missing persons, to bury them with dignity and to look for those who participated in this crime in any way.”, Nezavisne writes.


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